Saturday, August 7, 2010

Have scissors, will travel

Life has ups and downs, peaks and valleys, yin and yang, good and bad...blah, blah blah, blah blah.

I cycle in and out of "happy" times and "sad" times. This does not mean that I can't be happy during a "sad" time or vice versa. I just default to one or the other. Much of this depends on what is going on around me. The health and happiness of my friends and family, the goings-on with work, all has an effect on me.

I'm mired in the muck of a valley at this point.

If you saw me on the street (walking, not standing on my corner), you may not be able to notice a single thing is wrong with me -- just that my hair is different. Different in color, cut, and style. Even if you saw me yesterday - it'll be different today.

One thing that happens when I'm in a valley is I feel that I'm out of control. Apparently, the way that I deal with my lack of control is to change my hair.

Six months ago, my hair was long. Mid-back long. That is long for me. I have always colored my hair, but it was close to my natural dark brown. Then it started. I started dying my hair farther from my natural color - darker and redder (my water has a LOT of rust in it, so going blond as I have done in the past - is not really a good option). Then I cut it to shoulder length. Then chin length. Then shorter. Then I highlighted it. Then shorter! Then I highlighted with chunky colors.

But today...I did it.

I took it a step further.


This is a slippery slope - I KNOW this.

I once nervously plucked my eyebrows down to nearly a single line of hair. I'm a self-destructive force when it comes to my hair!

I cut and cut - starting with the straight bang cut, then the triangle cuts to the bangs then further back. Cut cut cut. (I didn't attempt the back of my head...I'm not that stupid!) I had 1 and 2 inch pieces of hair falling into the sink!

What is worse...what makes this SO SO dangerous for me...


is that it turned out alright.......

this time.......


thepsychobabble said...

that's so foreboding "this time" lol

Lizz said...

Whoa! Now that's BRAVE! It does look cute. I won't even let supercuts or anything touch my hair, let alone myself!