Thursday, August 26, 2010

Like nailing jello to a wall

I am failing to comply with Angel Believes’ 30 Day Challenge.

Day 07 → Someone who has made your life worth living for.

I'm not feeling it. So I'm not writing about it.

It is 2:42 in the morning. My mind is whirring at top speed. It is stupid humid - (think fog cloud wrapped in rain forest). I am on an air conditioning strike. It is not hot outside, just humid.

I'm awake because I'm an ass and drank a Diet Coke at 10:30.

I went to my new counselor today. This is my second week with her.

Last week, she started my first visit with a big, long scantron test.

Yesterday, I got some of my results.

Apparently, I am passive aggressive (no, you are), expect perfection of myself (but I'll never get it), seek approval of others (please leave a comment), and I have an attachment disorder (don't unfriend me on Facebook or Twitter or I'll be so, so sad).

This evaluation didn't tell me anything I didn't already know, but it was interesting to have a booklet list my personality quirks without so much more than me answering a hundred true/false questions that I thought were fairly mundane.

I enjoy tests like this that give me an outside perspective.

The Myers Briggs test is one that really has me pegged. Prior to taking that test, I thought I was unique in the way I saw the world. That I had my own shade of rose colored glasses through which I gained perspective. Then I took the test and found that about 17% of the world's population have the same take on things.

I was also 22 years old when I took the that explains a lot right there.

If you are interested in having your personality pegged to gain a little perspective on how you react to things, I suggest finding a certified Myers Briggs test (you'll pay a couple bucks - the free ones don't use the full design).

Moreover, I suggest you ask your better half to take the test. Compare and contrast your personality descriptions to learn more about how each other views the world, how they tend to form opinions and make decisions.

It's a growing experience that I highly recommend.

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Stay at Home Babe said...

The MMPI is more intensive, but the amount of information it gives is CRAZY!!! It'll even tell you if you're lying to yourself with some of your answers (like you think you're one way but you're really not). I took a course during my bachelor's degree that was focussed solely on those personality tests, I think we covered eight of them. Very interesting stuff.