Friday, August 20, 2010

Hate is such a strong word

I am running a little low on topics here lately, and came across Angel Believes 30 day challenge to revamp my juices.

Day 01: Something you hate about yourself.



Well, I, uh

*stall stall stall*

When I read this topic as Day 01, I thought -- "hell, where do I begin?" But now that I have a blank page and have to REALLY think about it...

I'd have to go with...

...well... if I no no...

*scratches head*

*looks around*


I'm an over-thinker. I seriously over-think everything.

Example from this morning:

I pick up the pants I laid out yesterday to put on.

My ass looks terrible in these pants
. Puts on said pants.

I need a shirt to cover my ass. Selects shirt from closet.

This shirt always wrinkles when I sit in the car.
Puts on said shirt.

My bra is going to show when I'm holding Babygirl.
Tugs at shirt.

Should I wear a tank underneath?
Scans closet.

Screw it.
Walks out of closet.

What colors are in Babygirl's outfit? I don't want to match her.
Peers around corner at crawling baby.

Well, her leg warmers are pink, but I think it'll be ok.
Picks up Babygirl and heads out door.

~~~~~ end daydream sequence ~~~~~~~~~

Can you relate? Have you thought these things? Maybe for a business meeting or family gathering? Yes?

What about for the 2 minutes it takes to drop Babygirl off at daycare and then return home to work?