Tuesday, August 24, 2010

She turns me into a cheesy pile of goo...

I am fumblefucking my way through Angel Believes’ 30 Day Challenge

Day 05 → Something you hope to do in your life.

Bungee jump. Skydive. Climb mountains. Raft rivers. Make millions.

That's what I'm supposed to say, right?

My day today has been ok. Normal, by most people's standards. I accomplished goals for work, and got a little blog side job started. Sweet. Hubs took Babygirl and I out to dinner tonight. We visited a fountain afterword. Babygirl and I crawled around on the floor and read The Lorax (one of my all time favs). We tickled. We laughed.

She's my dream. She is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

Does this sound corny? Yes? Fuck off.

I read a sweet blog this morning about a woman who is having a difficult time getting pregnant. As I read it, I teared up. That was me 2 years ago. Body all fucked up on Clomid and hormones. Pissing on a stick, praying for 2 lines and only getting one. Being told that IVF is the next step. Ever living hell.

Now, I'm working on cutting out construction paper for Babygirl's first birthday.

(And one hell of a job I did - *pats self on back*)

She is my gravity.

Before her, I flitted around - not knowing what I wanted, who I was.

I met my husband, and fell for him. HARD. I love him more than words can say - but this baby is why my heart beats. I don't make a single decision in a day without thinking how she could be impacted.

Yes, over time, I will recenter and have gravity of other people pull stronger on my will.

But right now, it's all about her.

And that's fine.

Now I need to go hover over her in her crib...


Anonymous said...

Wow, that really is the corniest thing ever. And I can totally relate! All of my hopes center around my little girl now too.

Anonymous said...

Glad to know I'm not alone!

Stay at Home Babe said...

Yep, I think every mom on the planet can relate to this on some level. We all become big bags of cheese :), maybe it's from all the milk. Seeee, cheesy!