Saturday, August 28, 2010

What's black and blue and red all over?

Has officially abandoned Angel Believes’ 30 Day Challenge.

It was a nice go of it, and it got me back into writing daily. The topics listed are a bit trite for my writing style, and to be honest, I was getting sick of trying to make topics I came up with on my own fit the day's challenge.

I don't need that sort of pressure!


Something you might (probably) not know about me is that we are an archery family.

Who, what?

Bows and arrows. Sticks and strings.

We have an archery range on our property. My husband spends many a night shooting at targets as small as ping pong balls from 20 or even 30 yards away.

He's good, damn good.

My step-son is a great shot, too. Although the 10 year old that he is doesn't bode well for being committed to anything for more than 2 days.

I love to shoot. Correct and shoot. Correct and shoot. I love the mechanics of archery. Straight lines,

Of course, I don't shoot as often as I'd like. I could blame Babygirl, but that's really a cop out.

I hate the bugs this time of year. The only thing I hate more than bugs is bug spray.

I spend an entire summer in grad school drenched in Deep Woods Off. I literally melted finger shapes into my plastic click pencils and plastic clip board with the stuff.

...and *twitch* I've never *twitch, twitch* been quite the *twitch* same *twitch*

So I don't DO bug spray.

Deet can crawl in a hole and die.

I'll do the natural-based stuff if I have to be outside, but I'd just rather pass.

So I'm a pussy, and that's why I don't shoot as much as I should.

The other reason I don't shoot often is because I bruise easily. I wear an arm guard on my left arm (the one holding the bow and - for whatever reason - the one that gets slapped by my string), but no matter where it is positioned I end up with a huge, puffy, ugly bruise on my arm.

Currently, I'm sporting a blueish, purplish, reddish beauty that makes all the boys swoon.

I actually build into my decision to shoot the time it would take for a bruise to dissipate before I have to be seen in public (family gathering, work conference, etc - not Walmart because bruises are a bit more standard there...).

Anyway, I like to shoot - I don't like to get mosquito bites and bruise.

I'm considering full body armor.

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Stay at Home Babe said...

My son took an archery class while we were in Indiana and he looked so cool with his mohawk, sunglasses and bow and arrow. I'll try to find some pictures.