Thursday, August 19, 2010

Redefining "good food"

I can eat nearly anything - if I'm in the right mood. Yes, I crave White Castles, Burger King french fries, fair elephant ears... Crappity crap I really shouldn't ingest. Fast, fried crappity crap.


Last weekend's trip to Michigan was one to bust my waistline. Whew, doggie!

We had pizza. We had biscuits and gravy. We had hand dipped onion rings. We had perch. It was all luscious and filling and caloric nightmares. But real, honest to goodness food.


Best of all.

Of everything.

Of anything I've eaten in the last several years.

Were our CREPES!

Crepes from Pierre Anne in New Buffalo, Michigan. A little house-turned restaruant that you miss (4 or 5 times over) if you don't know what you're looking for (aim for the 5/3 bank parking lot). We sat on the veranda - and couldn't believe our eyes, noses, or tongues when these were delivered to our table.

Savory....(beef stroganoff crepe)

and sweet...(crepe a la Pierre Anne)

Holy groaning, moaning, throw your head back and say "AMEN" goodness.


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