Monday, August 9, 2010

Bill Cosby would be proud of this jiggle...


I worked out! I did it!

I managed to motivate myself, put down the bag of cheetos, and after licking my fingers clean of their orange tinge...I WORKED OUT!

That's the huge speed bump I've been struggling to cross.

I was goofing around on Twitter and @missbritt tweeted the following:

Battling weight loss/fitness slump? Be inspired by @floatingprncess -AWESOME post:
I followed the link - and it kicked me square in the ass.

After commenting, following and a little blog stalking - I and my kicked ass went into the bedroom and tossed a P90X dvd into the machine. Not just any P90X - the Plyometrics dvd.

Sweetbabywrappedinawarmblanketjesus! AM I SORE!!

Not the "I just got jumped in a dark alley when I was hung over after crying and vomiting all day" sore. The "Man, I feel good about myself, but I'm afraid of stopping because I might turn to stone" sore. The dark alley sore is for tomorrow when I can't sneeze without shitting myself.

Some things I noticed.
  1. There is a fun house mirror hanging in my bedroom. There is now way that tubby half-naked chick watching me workout and sneering in disgust was actually me.
  2. I jiggle - like all over - like so hard it hurts - jiggle. Can I wear Spanx to workout?
  3. Um, this is the first serious, serious, serious workout since Babygirl was born (ahem, 10 months ago) and I am more aware of my pelvic floor than any person should ever be when they aren't 9 months preggo...eww. Good news, I don't pee when I jump! Thank you post third degree tear repair surgery...
  4. There is no "land lightly" even though the instructor said it repeatedly on the video - the whole house shook as I lurched around.
I am actually planning on taking a "before" picture. I had no idea I had gotten SO bad. It's not just the weight - it's where and how I'm carrying the weight. I need to see this picture and have a constant reminder why I'm NOT eating an entire tube of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls all by myself (like I did on Saturday)...

Anyway, I'm going to make noises that are reserved for death and orgasm any time I move tomorrow - but it was totally worth it!!

Skinny me, look out because here I come!

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Kim Eastin said...

Seriously...I am laughing so hard the tears are rolling. LOVED this post. Thank you for writing.