Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Evolution hasn't brought us as far as we thought

I took Babygirl to the zoo with a few friends today. It was hotter than sin, and before we made it through the front gates - I was sweating through my shirt AND shorts. Gross.

Some animals were hiding in the shade, unwilling to perform for the crazy two-leggeds gawking at them through the fence. Others were out moseying around, sluggish and cursing the unrelenting sun.

As my friends herded their older children to see animals that Babygirl couldn't really see (sleeping rhinos look like rocks), I walked ahead seeking shade. The baboon exhibit was where I found my refuge.

The primates were moving around in between the huge rocks in their exhibit - enjoying the shade. Just a few feet from us was a baby baboon playing on the ground. It would hop back and forth - playing with what was obviously an imaginary friend.

All of the sudden, he scampered over to the male baboon that had made himself comfortable in the corner of the exhibit. The baby climbed up onto the male's chest and mimicked the "get you" play that Babygirl and I do.

The male, in one fluid motion, swiped the baby from his chest and slung him under his arm. He deliberately raced over to the female baboon sitting about 20 feet away (minding her own damn business), shoved the baby into her arms and then darted into the shadows.

She gently - but in a disengaged way - carried the baby to play in the corner where the male had been sitting, and tried to keep the little one busy - and confined.

We made eye contact.

And shrugged.

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Sistergirl said...

Just HOPPIN by, I love the zoo myself. Children get so excited about the animals. I am #255 for BLOG HOP, nice to visit your blog.