Thursday, January 13, 2011

Apparently my "innie" should have been and "outie"

I finally have a couple minutes to tell everyone what happened earlier this week.

So there I was working very hard (no, really, I was). I WAS! Gawd.

Anyway, the phone rang and the number came up on the caller ID, but I didn't recognize it. I answered.

After a short pause, a robot responded to my hello. "We are Credit Services, and have an important message for you.  This is not regarding a late or missed payment.  We would like to talk to you about reducing your credit card rate to 6%.  Please press 1 to continue."

Scam alarms are starting to sound, but my hard work involved a repetitive click-wait-click-wait and I needed to break the monotony.  I am also shopping for a better rate on my card - but just from the bank I have the card with...maybe it was them...

Cautiously press 1.
A pause - then a voicemail message "Our operators are unavailable, please leave a message and the next available operator will get back to you."

WTF!?!?! My message went along the lines - "You called me. It seems as though you need to space out your robocalls or hire a few more operators to be able to meet your demand." Then, like an asshole, I left my name and number.  Apparently, the click-wait-click-wait routine had depleted my brain cell reserves.

A few minutes later - the phone rang again. If I knew it was the telemarketer, I would have let it go. The number on the ID was the area code where one of my friends lived (I forgot that she got a new cell number, brain=mush) - so I answered.

The man on the other line sounded pleasant enough asking for me by name. He was calling back from Credit Services, and was sorry that his phone was disconnected and he was unable to answer my call moments before. (right)

Then the conversation went downhill.

He asked, "Do you have more than a $3,000 balance on your credit card?"

Which one? 

Do you have more than $3,000 on your card
Which card? (I really wasn't being difficult, I wanted to know which of my credit cards he was referencing - with hopes that he'd be able to say a bank or number or something)
Any of them.
If you don't know that, I'm not going to tell you (my tone was still calm, stern but calm)
Just. Say. YES or NO.
Excuse me? (now, my 'tude is coming out)
(At this point I think I blacked out at his (a) vocabulary - what is bullish, (b) his yelling at me, and (c) I should be nicer because I don't have a penis? Finally, I boiled over...he was still yelling at me when I belted in my least nice voice) FUCK YOU!!!!!!!

I slammed the phone down. Sat in my chair shaking with anger and confusion. What did I do?

Immediately, I tweeted the dickhead's phone number for anyone to blow off some steam - 217-501-240 if any of you need someone to scream at.  After additional consideration, I realized how much of a predator he was - seeking out my number, listed under my name and not my husband's in the phone book (in all honesty, he'd have been better off getting him than me). What if he had called my Grandma? HOLY SHIT - that dude's going down. With a little leg work, I found out that such phone calls can be reported to the Federal Trade Commission. I reported them - with company name, phone number, state, and website.

It may not stop them from calling, but I at least gave someone who is doing bad things under the guise of helping people a run for his money!

The next day, Barefoot Foodie's Brittany posted this video on her Facebook page:

It completely validated me. I'm not a bad person.

For the record I think that is one of the first times EVER that I've said "Fuck You" in anger without being consumed in guilt.


Again, 217-501-2740...(ok, that might make me a little bit of a bad person)

Possibly even bullish.


Ella said...

What an asshole. I think I'm going to have to call and give him a piece of my mind considering what he said to you. WHAT THE FUCK.

Seriously, this makes me happy I play games with telemarketers. They deserve it.

Brittany said...


That was awesome and how DARE he do that to you, I am LIVID! I have to tweet this to ensure everyone sees his number.