Monday, September 20, 2010

Laziness 3,000 miles away cost my cute kid quota

Saturday was a nut-so day for a crazy-good sort of way.  The hubs was at work, so I had both kiddos to entertain.

I had a shower gift to ship across the nation, so we first headed to the post office.  Apparently, the couple in front of us were moving their son's belongings via USPS to his college in Washington state.  EV-ER-Y-THING.  The guy behind the desk was working his ass off to maintain composure as the large, sweaty man hefted box after sweaty box onto the desk.

I waited patiently as they joked about the stuff their son had insisted follow him to college.

Rock band game equipment (itemized, of course)
*Nod politely*
Books (apparently the dude is into Science Fiction and Christian each his own)
*Smile politely*
Keyboard (the box had to be hand-crafted from an appliance box which took much longer than expected)
*Glance cautiously out the window hoping the baby isn't screaming in the back seat driving the 10-year old nuts*

At least the chit-chat wasn't costing any time.

The poor postal worker (now, 15 minutes past closing time) was diligently measuring and weighing each box.  Checking for cryptic "X"s the older couple had placed in a random box corner indicating the need for insurance.

All told, the shipment cost in excess of $300!

Now, I've never moved outside of the state - let alone far enough not to warrant a road trip.  I don't know what it is like to call home and ask the 'rents to pack additional stuff to ship to me (probably because I wouldn't think to do that...).

Those parents were very nice and accommodating, but I definitely would have told the kid to do without his Rock Band equipment until he was able to ship it to himself!

My two boxes plus stamp purchase took no longer than 90 seconds.

I ran back to the car - baby was asleep and some obscure radio station was playing...

We were 20 minutes late to the wee soccer game (4 to 6 year-olds).  We loaded the stroller, carried folding chairs, and walked our way to the field.  We got seated and let the baby out to walk watch for 5 minutes before the game was over.

Damn you lazy college kid and your need for books and clothes to be sent to you by mommy and daddy...I missed my opportunity to watch little kids run aimlessly on a field and meet my cuteness quota for the month.

Damn you!


Stay at Home Babe said...

It cost us almost two grand to ship our stuff to England. That kid's parent got off easy :)

Bethany said...

Seems like they could have driven there and dropped if off for less! Crazy! I don't think I've ever shipped anything that expensive!