Friday, January 14, 2011

Sometimes, you just have to do it

I vowed that on this website will would remain as apolitical and agnostic as I can possibly stand. I don’t know who you voted for or care who you pray to (or if you pray). If you want to know what I did – or do, I’ll gladly say – I just don’t think those are appropriate fodder for a Mom blog – at least mine.

I heard a report on NPR about the US Military doing spirituality fitness assessments. If you haven't heard or read about this, please visit the linked article and do additional research to develop a full, informed opinion of this issue. I actually see both sides of the story - and cringe at responses to the issue from both sides.

I just have to get this out into the world.

My view of self is based on a holistic approach - mind, body and spirit are not independent entities. 

I was born with all three - I breathe with all three - I love with all three - I celebrate with all three - I worry with all three - I grieve with all three - I will die with all three.

I travel on several journeys at this point in my life. My personal road just clicked over the 30 year mark.  The road with my husband has been ongoing for 8 1/2 years together, 7 1/2 years living together, 4 years married. The newly paved road of motherhood is only 15 months long - still dark and shiny and gets a little sticky when it's really hot.  

These are not separate people - separate existences.  They all define me.  If one of these roads has a pot hole - the whole minivan of life feels the bump.

Since I turned 30 (7 weeks ago), I've worked my ass off to make Me better. Yes, that is a capital "Me." I committed to an 8 week program that some of you have traveled with me - others have cheered on from the sidelines - and I cherish the support! 

I've overhauled the foods I eat, my exercise regime, but most importantly my being - to improve my overall fitness.

I sit here, covered in sweat and stank from my run (yes RUN) and I am smiling. I just spent time by myself. I've learned to drown out that inner voice of shouldas and wouldas with the rhythm of a treadmill and blaring some P!nk.  For those 20 or 30 minutes - I am one. No conflicting interests, no being pulled in 12 directions, no phones, no emails, no tweets, no blogs, no chores, no sippy cups, no laundry.  All of my forces align.

I have learned to feel less guilt and more pride.  To let more things roll off my back - and to better handle myself when I am confronted (except in extreme cases).

Some may say that I shit sunshine now.  Some may think that I've done something that they can't do.  Some may think that there was magic in the program I'm on and that it's too hard for them.

All I can say to those people is that they are right.

I tried for years to beat my weight issues - diets, pills, crazy workouts for hours a day - nothing worked because I wasn't ALL IN.

Those nay-sayers can't do what I've done because they're approaching it as a diet or as exercise.

It's about fitness. Holistic fitness. The same way some believe that sitting in a church pew for an hour a week won't get you through the pearly gates.

When you ask how I am now, I might say that I'm busy - but I'll also say that I am good. All of Me.

I know some may see this post and think how obnoxious it is for someone to be like that. I used to be that way, until I realized I craved to be like that and made the decision to do it!

Keep an eye on - Carrie's getting ready to launch her program worldwide at the end of this month. She can provide the tools for you to become like that too - if you make the decision.

It wasn't easy (check out my Fitness Journey link on the right to see weight and fitness posts), but I'm living proof that a pop-drinking, pasta-loving, sugar addict can do it -- IF you decide you're All In.

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