Monday, January 10, 2011

Intruder in our house

For those that follow me on Twitter, you may have seen my comments.

If you've seen me in person, you may have noticed that I'm a little bit more on edge.

Our house is no longer safe.  There is a breech in the force field around our home.

They've broken in...

They've stolen our serenity...

Reality check:
  • Yes, I live in the woods.
  • Yes, I have professional experience trapping these critters in their native habitat (and feeling them up to determine sex and pregnancy status)
  • Yes, I know that they won't suck my blood or eat my child.
  • Yes, I am aware that they will not spread any crazy disease to my family or pets.
I still hate the idea that there are critters leaving little tic-tac shits on my counter and floor!

I'm also freaked out to no end that my husband walked into the kitchen a couple of weeks ago to a little bugger sitting on the counter staring back at him.

I am completely not OK with that.

What's worse...
  • Worse than having to seal the crack under my bedroom door with a foam kid couch,
  • Worse than sitting in my living room hearing them running around in the kitchen and blaming it on dog gas (with two large can blame almost anything on dog gas),
  • Worse than hearing the *SNAP* in the middle of the night and hearing the trap flop and flop and flop...and then getting up in the morning to an empty trap, knowing that we've sealed off EVERY entryway for the critters - all gaps under the sinks, holes drilled in the floor for the previous owner's water softener, all openings are sealed.  AND THEY'RE STILL GETTING IN!!

I swear, it almost makes me consider getting another cat...but then I remember the hell of cat piss our lives were with the last one.  Maybe I'll just take the mice on as pets.

Embrace my situation.

I'll name the next one Fluffy.


Kevin said...

We had mice issues, too. We have a pretty big field behind us with train tracks and whatnot and the mice used to like to come inside for a visit. We were trapping/killing for a while and it just got to be too much. So I picked up some Black & Decker audible deterrents and you know what? They work. The only problem is you cannot get your cellphone within a few feet of them or you'll get some distortion. But that's a small price to pay considering we've been mouse free for more than a year now.

Ella said...

When I lived on a farm we had mice, bats, snakes, and any and every other creature you could imagine. My cats were in HEAVEN. In fact, they used to bring us their kills and drop them at our feet and want to be loved on like they were the best thing ever.

Now that we live in the city, they are stir crazy and bored.

Although, I haven't seen a mouse (thank god).

Oh and when you see Fluffy, tell it I said howdy! :)

How Does She Do It Mom said...

That happened to me was in the house and as much as I couldn't care less about mice it drove me crazy hearing it scurry around in the heating vents!