Sunday, January 23, 2011

I need a bubble bath evening - Stream of Consciousness Sunday

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It's dark in the living room. Quiet and dark. We had a great party yesterday - baloons, streamers, surprised stepson half to dealth! It was great!! The kids played pin the glasses on harry potter...ate two types of homemade kcake, and the sprizes diddn't suck either. It made me feel like I've still got a sense of what it takes to be "in" or "hip" or "cool" or whatever the hell it's called these days... Now, today, I must reclaim my house - from the party and from myself. Too many piles of clothes in my room - too many sizes.  Goodwill is getting my shit, like it or not! I've been so busy in the evenings with cleaning or managing Hub's music project or prepping for the party that I'm just zapped. And now it's tax time. That's one more night of my life. THen they are mine again - to whittle away on Facebook and Twitter and blogs, just like I like them. Ok, time's up - must go begin my day. Happy Sunday.




I totally get this!! I just cleaned my room today, top to bottom, and left my daughter's room with all of her toys on the floor...I needed to reclaim at least one space in my house for my peace!

Tiffany said...

That Goodwill "like it or not" part made me chuckle! The last time I dropped stuff off there the attendant had an attitude. Hmph. Makes me want to just leave the stuff on the curb with a "take me" sign next time.

all.things.fadra said...

My party day is tomorrow and I'm worried about whether or not I'll disappoint a 4 year old (chances are I will). But I don't see my end in sight because nothing right now is settled. I'd still take a bubble bath though.

Sandi said...

You are one busy lady! Pin the glasses on HP sounds like a great party game!
I am a huge HP fan:)

Cort (Modern Super Momma) said...

Thanks all! It went well - but I'm glad its over. Fadra, I hope for your sake that the disappointment stage isn't for a few more years. Start small now! If you start too large, you can't go back!! :)