Monday, January 3, 2011

One O Five

I'm cold-blooded.

Not in the reptile sense, but in the sense that my body temperature is usually one degree cooler than the average human.  On a normal, healthy day, my temperature will read anywhere between 97° and 98°F.

To my touch, Babygirl's forehead ALWAYS seems warm to me.  I often have my husband feel her head before I go lubing up the thermometer.

There are times when I wonder if she's too warm and other times when I know she's hot.

She had been dancing on that line a lot last week.

I took her to the doctor on Monday.  She'd been hot (armpit temp was 100.3 when she yanked it, Kicky McKickerson wasn't about to allow rectal testing - understandably...).  While in the doctor's office, she was carrying around a magazine, flipping through pages, singing, dancing.

Are you kidding me? At least stick your lip out and pout a little to not make me feel like a total douchebag when we see the doctor.

102° was the ear temp.  Sheesh.  The nurse joked at how playful she was being for having such a high temp.  The doctor checked her ears (nothing), her nose (green/gross), her throat (green/gross), her lungs (nothing)...prescribed an antibiotic [he used to be more hesitant about that than he is now...] and with a pat on our ass, sent us on our way.

Motrin. Tylenol. Rinse. Repeat.

That afternoon was spent talking on the phone while cooking and holding the baby.  Hers that is.  Mine was spent happily on my arse watching her enjoy life.  Not a whimper from her.

Tuesday, she had a rough day.  No fever, so off to daycare she went.  She was normal in the morning, but then fell and busted her face.  Fat lip.  She woke up from her nap with a fever.  I came and got her.  She fell at home and busted her face again.  Bloody gums and cut her face.  Shit.

Wednesday, she woke up and just wasn't ok.  We got a report that RSV had been confirmed at day care the day before.  Her cheeks were fire red, her eyes weren't focused.  Back to the doctor.

The nurse (who had commented on her playfulness 2 days before) stopped in her tracks when I carried in my limp, melted toddler.  Into a room we went.

103.8°.  Doc gave Babygirl another look.  Her flared nostrils and exaggerated breathing - paired with her racing heart - pointed to a lung infection like RSV.  He called for a breathing treatment. 

I had seen toddlers with breathing treatments before.  Oh, the struggle.  Babygirl fell asleep.  THAT scared the shit out of me.  I cried holding my child - hot and panting - wearing a mask - asleep. 

Doc came back after the treatment had a chance to work.  He said we had to go to the hospital with her to get tested for RSV and to get her treated immediately.  Of course, our local hospital doesn't have a pediatric ward.  An hour drive we go.

104.8° was the temp she logged when we checked into the ER.

Rush of nurses, doctors, clothes pulled off, lights, monitors, blood samples, IV, x-ray, medicines, poke, prick, press, push.  In two hours they had her temp down from 105 to 100.  By the end, she was clapping at the Family Guy intro on TV (yes, she's doomed) and offering passers-by bites of her Teddy Grahams.

It wasn't RSV, but another type of viral lung infection.  We were sent home with a pat on the ass and told to "watch her temperature."

Motrin. Tylenol. Rinse. Repeat.

She's doing much better now.  It's been a hectic holiday break.

Let's just say, I've been looking forward to this Monday.

Happy New Year!!


How Does She Do It Mom said...

Gosh sorry to hear that things didn't get any better...poor baby girl and mommy!! Hope things go back to normal real soon!

Ella said...

I'm so glad babygirl is okay!

Hopefully the New Year actually brings better luck than that!

Much love and well wishes.