Sunday, January 16, 2011

Surprise for the hardly surpriseable - Stream of Consciousness Sunday

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So much to little time.

We're working on getting the house whipped into shape. Next weekend is the surprise birthday party for my stepson - he'll be 11.  He suspects nothing.  I'm stoked to do something gradeouse for the guy - he's a fantastic kid.  We took him to Wyoming last summer with him only knowning we'd be gone for a week - no ideas where until we got OFF the plan in Montana and had my Aunt and Cousin picking us up.  The smile on his face was FANTASTIC. 

He's an understated guy. Quiet and introspecitve.  His reactions to many events, gifts, trips are a quiet "thank you." I know that's him - it's always been him. I've worked on 8 birthdays and 8 Christmases with him - that's just how he is.  He's a great kid - fantastic grades, very helpful and respectful, does what he's told, and LOVES his baby sis!

My husband sat him down when he and I were starting to plan our wedding, and asked if it would be OK if we got married.  His dad and I had already live together for about 3 years at this point.  His response, "But you guys are already married." 
In every way but on paper, Buddy, in every what but on paper.

(This is cut a little short, Babygirl doesn't understand the concept of "a couple more minutes baby, don't yell your dad is sleeping, no the dogs don't want every bone they've ever owned wrapped in your blanket and then handed to them)



Stay At Home Babe said...

HA! I totally had to cut mine short for the same reason... except it was that the cats didn't have any interest in building blocks. Ahhhh, toddlers!

Tiffany said...

That's funny - I lost some valuable seconds off my post this morning when my husband started questioning about charter schools vs. magnet schools.

kadield said...

Just the little bit that you described your step son reminded me a lot of me when I was younger. Very quite, introverted, did whatever mom and dad told me, the general good kid.

Then high school hit and I went bat shit crazy and almost drove my parents to the looney bin.

Hopefully he doesn't do that to you babe :)

Have a wonderful day woman and please keep us updated on your husband's music being posted!

all.things.fadra said...

I love surprises. My son is kind of quiet too. Not a big fan of crowds or friends. I really want to find a cool trip to take him on and do the surprise just like you did!

Sunday said...

I have 2 step-sons and 1 is very much like yours. He is very quiet and when he comes for his visits it always takes a few days for him to warm up to being back with his dad and I. But we love it and I think he does too.

Pampered Patty said...

Every way but on paper. I totally love that kids see the most important connection that we can have as adults with one another, It's the contract of the heart and soul that matter more than the signature on paper.