Monday, February 8, 2010

Third time's a charm - the quest to keep laundry from rotting in the washer

I admit. The ball I drop most frequently is laundry. I currently have a load in the washer that will need to be run through the wash cycle a third time before it makes the move to the dryer. The reason? Well, there is a load in the dryer. Why? OBVIOUSLY because all my laundry baskets are full of creased, wrinkled clothes that need to be dealt with.

Oh, I know I could make a huge pile on the bed. But sleeping on a mound like that is asking for a back ache in the morning!

My current job has a very low maintenance dress code, so I'm not concerned with dress-up clothes. Like Ever. I have a wedding coming up, but article of clothing that I own is dryer ready (whether the label agrees with that or not!). Ironing is not my gig. If I can't toss it into the dryer with a wet washcloth and have it come out looking new...well it sits on my closet floor for two years and eventually is transported to Good Will for someone else to deal with it.

I am so lazy when it comes to laundry that dryer sheets would get washed two or three times before they'd even get separated from the lump of underwear at the bottom of the clean-clothes basket. I do love my new Bounce dryer bar (maybe if this site gets popular enough, I'll get comped for my plug!). No more random, ratty dryer sheet sticking out of my flannel shirt or sweat pants (not yoga pants - but elastic bottomed sweat pants...can I get a "hell yeah?") as I schlep my stylin' butt out to the mailbox.

I'd hate to embarrass myself!

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