Monday, February 15, 2010

Pump up the Volume!

Winter weather has once again trapped me in the house...sitting on the couch...eating cookies...dipped in ice cream.

I know some of you MSMs out there don't have this problem...and that's fantastic. More power to you if you can resist sweets or - better yet - the couch.

Prior to becoming a mom, I struggled with forcing myself to exercise. I just don't like it. I am willing to do hard work - push mowing our hilly-ass lawn or clearing trails. But if there isn't a Bush-esque "mission accomplished" sign (or pile or otherwise "look what you've finished" proof) at the end, I don't want to do it. No drive equals crumbs and drips in my lap while watching a super marathon of Jersey Shore.

Oh, I own exercise dvds and tapes, crunch machines, butt machines, an exercise ball...which has only recently been resurrected from the green mile because I can rock on it to calm a screaming baby...ahem, without missing a beat trying to figure out what The Situation's situation really is.

Da dada DAAA...super mom!!

Anyway, lets just say the addition of "mom" to my responsibilities hasn't afforded me any more time to exercise. Or drive.

If the mood strikes me - and I don't feel guilty about doing something other than work or clean - I'll turn on music and bee-bop around the house. Risky Business baby! I'm all over that.

I did see an interview about a Zumba class where you go and dance your heart out with others dancing their hearts out. No worries if you struggle differentiating your left from your right - just boogie! It looks like a lot of fun. Of course, I'd have to drive an hour to attend one of those classes.

Maybe I'll dance a little today - maybe we should all dance a little. Lift the spirit and the heart rate.

And the metabolism for more cookies and icecream!

Have a lovely day, ladies!

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