Friday, February 19, 2010

And you have yourself a flanntastic day now, ya hear?!?

Being a stay at home or work from home momma means that one has relegated themselves into at least some degree of frumpiness from time to time. Yes, the rule is that you should get up, dress yourself, put makeup on and do your hair in order to start your day off on the right foot. Well, I don't get to brush my teeth before noon - most days - so pardon me if my eyelash curler isn't fully utilized!

My priorities are such that my outward appearance is not in the backseat, but the trunk on most days. (My poor husband) I walked past a mirror as I was swinging a flannel shirt over my shoulders. I laughed out loud. I will not post a picture. That would be too easy (and easily spread over the webbernet for all to see - I have some dignity, I think). Starting from the top: Elastic headband that is quickly slipping to the snapping point on the back of my head, XXL flannel shirt that I think I could wear as pants if necessary, old tshirt with spit-up on the shoulder from last night (mmm), old-school adidas swishy pants, and kitty socks. Yes, kitty socks. Now you know why I laughed. I'm proud of my outfit - I didn't try to look frumpy today, life just served that dish.

Normally, when I go to town (aka Walmart), I still don't try very hard. I'd hate to make the others at Walmart feel bad about themselves. I can't handle that sort of guilt. Tomorrow, I'm going to a nearby city - one with a mall (no, I'm not going to the mall - the city's just big enough to have one). I may dress up - brush the hair - find some lip gloss, you know prom type stuff.

When did this happen? When did I stop caring? Actually, I never stopped caring. I care about how I look - and so help me god if someone takes a damn picture of me at Walmart.... I just simply don't have (or take, rather) the time. It's shameful really. My sister-in-law is always dressed to the nines with her toddlers right behind her. It's just another item on the list of life that I'm not addressing.

I'm going to take tomorrow to feel good about myself - and heaven forbid wear something that (at least for a moment) doesn't smell like old milk. I do struggle with the idea of dressing to work from home - that's just another clean shirt that will end up dirty...and I'm already terrible about laundry. Maybe showering counts.

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