Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Giving it up - not IT it...that's for another post...

I am not a religious person. If you've talked to me since I was in my eighth grade I-need-to-save-everyone-from-the-flames-of-hell cult phase, you know this about me. I did, however, grow up beside my catholic best friend. Every year, about this time, she would start talking about what she was going to give up for Lent. To this day, I know nothing about the religious purpose for giving something up for Lent. I really don't care - that isn't the point of this post.

She'd have to choose something that she liked and give it up until Easter - a sacrifice. Normally, it was pop (soda, for some of you readers) or chocolate - at least that's all I can remember now. Every year, she would choose, and she and I would both give up that vise.

Because that's the kind of rockin' friend I am.

All the way through middle school and high school, I gave up a vise - not because I had to - or because I was told to - but because it was what I felt was right. Since we were only apart to sleep and shit, it would just have been cruel for me to slam Cokes or ate Reese's cups while she watched.

Since high school - and since she and I had each other surgically removed from one another by distance and time - I haven't given anything up for Lent.

Until this year... duh duh duhhhhhh....

This year, I've given up my couchass. That's right, folks. My most beloved of all deadly sins - Sloth. Poof! Gone. Of course, I will sit to watch an episode or two in the evenings after a hard day's work/childcare/cleaning/excercise. Gone are my days of hour upon hour of pillow-creased cheeks from marathon watching Cake Boss or Ax Men or LA Ink or Scrubs or Pregnant and 16 or Jersey Shore (I don't discriminate...if a show has 3 or more consecutive episodes on in a row - I'm hooked!).

Time between bead necklaces and plastic grass means I'm going to get some stuff done around here. Not because I have to - or because someone told me to - but because it's something I should do.

I've been good so far. I've taken walks outside (in calf-high snow with a kid strapped to my back) and done the dishes before the sink was full. This will be good for me, right?!?

The Easter Bunny can bring me back my Buddy, Kat, and JWoww - and nestled in a basket of plastic grass.

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