Monday, February 22, 2010

Riding no handed - back when helmets were just for the lame kids

It's a bird! It's a plane! Whoa, whatever it is ... it's starting to tailspin ... and cartwheel ... oh, it might be recovering ... whew a safe landing ... is he ... wait ... she? ... filing her nails?

Yes. I had a jaggy, torn nail that wouldn't wear down rubbing on the thigh of my jeans (stupid thin girl jeans and new bruise on my leg). Fixing the annoyance required both hands - which apparently I'm not permitted to have free at the same time.

Remember when you got your first "big kid" bike and learned that it was possible to sit up straight, center your body, and ride with no hands? At first, it sounded like a magic trick, but most of us were able to let go - even if just for a bit. I blame my lack of "long-term letting go" on the fact that I had a mountain bike rather than a 10-speed - and all the 10-speeders were riding around the block no-handed. Well, I blame that and my personality.

In recent years, I've learned the value of balancing life to "earn" a second without your hands on the handlebars. There are also times to hold on for dear life - no matter how much you need to let go. Sometimes even with the most strategic planning, you manage to make it through unscathed - other times you crash and burn.

No matter what, finding just a second - even for a shower without an extra set of eyes appearing to circle your "needs work" areas with a rush-style marker.

Everyone, including the super-est of modern super mommas needs a moment to refresh - and not smell like a junior high locker room.

And if you're so inclined - put on a little makeup. That is, if your mascara hasn't turned into a tarry clump from laying in the drawer for so long... In that case, I recommend a trip to the drug store before attempting the refresh process.

Twiggy doesn't even sport the Twiggy look anymore.

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