Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shoveling snow is for suckers - and poor people

Ah, Old Man Winter is upon us. If you live east of the Mississippi and north of the Mason-Dixon line - you are waste-deep in snow right now.

That sucks.

I mean, I'm all about winter and snow and "ooh that looks so pretty" moments - but I busted my ass on the driveway yesterday. That tipped the scale from warm, squishy feelings about winter to only cold, drippy - aww did I just step in another melty, snow puddle on the floor in my warm socks feelings. Of course, I don't have time to clean up the snow puddles - or rather wipe the snow off the dogs as they come in to avoid them in the first place. Hell, Ellen is on. She needs me to watch. She told me so.

Of course, the ass-busting ice on the driveway is avoidable. First, we don't live in the city where it's mandated that you shovel the sidewalks for the little tykes to get to the bus stop. No rules, no doing. I actually don't mind getting out and working in the cold. It gets the blood flowing - and totally affords me the afternoon nap I am already planning on taking (baby willing...). The problem now is that we let it go to far. Procrastination does not work when you're dealing with inches upon inches of snow.

Of course, being young and having a mortgage, school loans, and credit card debt --- damn you free t-shirt people on the college campuses...damn you all -- we cannot afford the luxury of a snow blower.

It'll be sunny and warm in a couple weeks. Until then, I'm stuck here at home - or I'm wearing four pairs of pants when I step out the door.

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