Sunday, February 7, 2010

All balls are in the air and plates are a-spinning. I should have gone to clown college.

Welcome to Modern Super Momma!

Modern Super Mommas are required by life to be everyone's everything. Or at least she tries to live up to that standard. Through this site, this MSM is trying to dispel myths about the artificial standards set by society (or 1950s sitcoms) as to what a Super Momma really is. Not only are we in charge of household day-to-day operations, but we're responsible (at least in part) for the well-being of individuals other than ourselves, and many of us are also attempting to keep from getting fired from full time jobs!

It is difficult to thrive in an environment where you feel you are always 6 inches beneath the surface of the water.

Join me in the lifeboat of comradery as we Modern Super Momma's drift out to sea - thriving when and where we can...and letting balls drop guilt-free (at least for a little while).

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