Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mommas knew about natural selection long before Darwin - adapt or die!

Did grocery shopping or laundry or cleaning take a backseat today (or this week ... or month)? Are you making poor man's alfredo by heating cream of mushroom soup and parmesan cheese and serving over two different types of pasta because you didn't have enough of one to cover dinner? I mean, of course, I don't know anything about that because I go to the store organized, list in hand, with meals planned months in advance! (NOT!)

Seriously, folks.

(1) Yes, out of desperation, I have made poor man's alfredo, and it isn't half bad. Shredded parmesan works better than grated. Heat on stove - keep adding cheese until your arteries scream (and it gets stretchy gooey).
(2) Spaghetti doesn't play well with others, but rotini and bowties make for an interesting marriage. Broken up lasagna works too - only if you're sporting a messy side ponytail, have spit-up running down your shoulder, and haven't slept for 36 hours. We have standards, people!
(3) I do make grocery lists, but they are often incomplete and laying on the kitchen table as I scramble to revive my not-so-photographic memory in the store.

Growing up, I was never told that pregnancy would destroy my brain as it has. Maybe the women in my life forgot to tell me...

Being a modern super momma means being adaptable - rolling with the punches. I honestly think, if we knew that it would make our lives easier that we could sprout fins. I'm still working on that kangaroo pouch - since putting on the baby carrier just takes too darn long sometimes...

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