Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Weight Check Wednesday

In less than 6 weeks, I turn 30.

For some, that milestone has passed. For others it has yet to come.

In all honesty, turning the big Three-O doesn't carry too much weight for me. Except that I'm carrying too much weight to turn the big Three-O.

(See what I did there? Literary genius... Please hold your autograph requests until the end of the post.)

No - seriously! - *sits on hands*

I set this goal back in August, made the commitment in front of all of you, had an utter breakdown, followed by a hell week at work (which involved almost a strict diet of Reese's cups and root beer - shoot me!).

Let's just say that I started out on August 6 needing to lose 16 lbs to meet my goal weight...and now I need to lose 21 lbs.

In 5 1/2 weeks I'll be posting a follow-up picture of myself.  I've promised - I've committed. It's pushing me.

It isn't about the weight - so much as the shape of my body.  I used to not care what my body looked like - mainly because I didn't have to work at maintaining a weight.  Then I gained...and gained...and felt horrible. Not because I was heavier, I just FELT horrible. 

The last time I felt good about my body was when I was about 7 months pregnant.  I loved my pregnant body, curvy and lovely.  (No one loves their body in the last few weeks of pregnancy - it's really a freakish, stretched-beyond-recognition situation.)  I simply want to love my body again - and for me that means the jigglies have got to go!

Warning: If anyone else tells me - you look good for being a mom - I'll throat punch them. Period.

I've dropped the weight a couple times before - so I can do it now.  Emotionally, I'm better.  My head is clear and my goals are focused.  No time like the present, people!! No excuses!!

I have started Week 1 of P90X's Lean program.  I'm eating smarter, working harder, and sleeping more.  All for the sake of ditching my fat pants.

I have two work trips in December and don't need to repeat the breakdown again.

I'm not going to continually blog about my progress. That's boring, and I've worked hard to get all of you readers to come and visit sense in turning you all away now that you're comfy!

Each day, I do post my workout activities on Twitter. Follow the hash #weightcheck and add your progress if you wish! :) I won't try to sell you shakes or anything - PROMISE!


Ella said...

I wish I had the motivation.

This past weekend I had to buy a size up in pants and it was heartbreaking. I've been on a mission since to figure out a way to motivate myself into getting back into the shape I like on me.

However, I've just drowned myself in food.

Damn. Damn. Damn.


Much love to mah soulmate!
ps.. sticky notes for life! :)

Anonymous said...

been 135 my whole adult life. carrying 30 extra since having baby...3.5 yrs ago. im on day 6 and have lost 4lbs. i have 26lbs more to lose. its easy, all you need is discipline and preparation. i highly recommend it. all the best to you!