Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Up and Down, Side to Side

My gums are bleeding.


Well, because I have an appointment with the dentist today.

I can completely undo my floss-when-I-think-about-it ways with vigorous last minute action.  He might be a professional, but I'm that good.

I am six years old.

In reality, I'm terrified.

As a kid, I didn't mind the dentist.  I didn't like the dentist, but it wasn't terrible.

Until I was ten (give or take), I had my first cavity. My dentist decided he could do it without Novocaine - and he HIT A NERVE!

Needless to say, between lack of money and a pure disinterest in reliving the experience, I haven't been on the "visit every 6 months" plan.

The same tooth that was first victimized and subsequently drilled to a nub by various other dentists was capped with a crown most recently. I was told if it still caused me pain, that I'd need a root canal.

It causes me immense pain.

Has for years now.

I'm biting the bullet and going in.

Unfortunately, this means a new dentist on top of the threat of major work potential.

I had the last guy trained to turn the gas on and fill the room with happiness before I even got there.  My guess is that I'm going to have to sit in a reclined (read: compromised) position while sober telling him what my ordeal is.

Calling ahead and asking for a horse tranquilizer doesn't work.

I tried.

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Tina P said...

I am the same way....HATE the dentist. I can't have anything more than a cleaning done without the gas!