Saturday, October 2, 2010

I just lived a nightmare

I have a few recurring nightmares.

One of which involves a large warehouse in which I am shopping.  The prices are marked on the items, but I am told by a shady, faceless character that the prices on the items are incorrect.  The prices are listed on the wall.

Fine, great.

Then I select a few items based on the price on the wall - and a second person tells me that the lists on the wall are incorrect.

Customer service is huge on my list, but this is not the "mare" part of the nightmare.

It is when I'm having a mental and ethical wrestling match with the store clerks to get a fair price for my selected items that the ceiling begins to collapse.

Sometimes I make it through the door.

Sometimes I don't.


I walked into a new outlet store in town today with Babygirl.

It is one large open room, sparsely populated with several rows of clothes racks.  Value City's starved cousin.  I plop the kid in a cart and begin to peruse.  I have no intent of purchase..."just looking."

I walk along the front of the store past a man with a fuzzy beard masking his face.

He mutters something about prices on the items...prices on the wall...lists...he points...

I shit my pants.

I make one large lap around the room, trying to not tip the cart on corners.  Gagging on the chinese take-out smell in the back on the other side of the rope that says "STAY OUT."

I got us the fuck out.

Before the ceiling collapsed.

But barely.  If we'd have been in there one second longer, it would have.  I know it.  I've seen it.

*Full body shudder* 

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Stay at Home Babe said...

I absolutely hate those places. I feel like I need to shower when I get home. *double shudder*