Monday, October 18, 2010

This is where I admit that I can't save the world

Last week, I decided that I was going to save the world.

With cloth diapers.

I was going to be more world-conscious, add a bit of crunch to my footprint.  Keep them diapers outta the landfill.

(I was also severely sleep deprived)

Luckily, I have a friend close by that offered me a few trial cloth diaper setups.  In fact, if I liked the ones she gave to me - I could keep them! SCORE!

Saving the world AND saving money!  Fantastic!!

Slapped one on the kiddo when I got home.  Changed myself a wet diaper, patted her on the ass, and sent her to bed.

We had a couple of golf balls.  No prob!  They roll right off.

Then. It. Happened.

Massive shit attack this weekend.  Poor kid.  I changed 5 liquid-shitty diapers before lunch.

Fourth and fifth were disposables.  They continue to be disposables. Cloth diapering FAIL.

I suppose if I hadn't used disposables that the extra step of toilet dunking/flush sucking wouldn't be so bad.

Maybe I'm lazy. Maybe I don't care that much that my grandchildren will have to build their homes on top of trash heaps because of me. Maybe I don't appreciate having to extend the time of contact with poop that already makes me gag so violently - the kid giggles.

But maybe I don't want to set the example that playing (and cussing) in the toilet is what we do in this house.

Yeah, that's it!


Stay at Home Babe said...

:) you get used to it.

Cort (Modern Super Momma) said...

I'm sure "one" could...I just couldn't get over the threshold!