Saturday, September 4, 2010

Marked for life

I was leaving my counselor's office the other day, and as I turned to walk through her office door - she said, "Oh, you have a birthmark on the back of your neck. I've always found those [uncomfortable pause] interesting."


Yes, I have a birthmark on the back of my neck. It's about the size of a finger nail or license plate or somewhere in between - depending on my age, hair style, mood, and sense of self-worth.

It is so strategically placed on my body, that I cannot physically see it unless two mirrors are involved. When I was a kid, I would try to turn my head fast enough to catch a glimpse in the mirror - like I could out run my image or something. I ended up like I was trying to bite my ear. Der!

In high school, people would tease me by saying that I had a hickey on my neck. (It actually looks more in the bruise strain rather than hickey-esque, but high schoolers are assholes. All of them.) I hated that I had something that stuck out. A target. The one good thing that came of it (shitting rainbow alert:) I was cautious to NOT get a hickey because I knew people would blow me shit over it.

My strapless dress and funky up-do at my wedding exposed the birthmark for all to see. I didn't care. Just like the prairie grass, mums, Teva sandals, and the intentional lack of veil or word "obey" in the vows, the wedding was very personalized. Exposed. And I dared anyone to question my decision to show my neck.

Now, there are weeks - even months - when I go without even thinking about my birthmark. I have gone through phases where I care to cover it up with a bob haircut, but I inevitably get hot (read: lazy) and throw my hair in a ponytail. My hair is very short in back now - and I don't care who sees it. To the point that I NEVER think about it, unless I'm double-mirroring to see if I fucked up my haircut or something.

So there I was - leaving a productive, yet tear-free session (fuckin' A!) and she kicks me in the Achilles heel.

She continued, "My cousin had one like that on his neck. It was interesting too."

Interesting? Would it sprout a head and recite Shakespeare? Could it name the state capitals in alphabetical order?

Mine is the source of my superpowers. All 23 of them.

So there.


Me 'N My Monkeys said...

i am lucky enough to have a tiny (size of my pinkie finger nail possibly smaller) on the inside of my toe..

pop on over to my blog to pick up your Blog Award!

Stay at Home Babe said...

I don't have any birthmarks :(. I got screwed. Always wanted one. I would point to all my freckles and ask my mom, "Is that my birthmark? What about that one?" I wanted one so badly.

Modern Super Momma said...

Me 'N My Monkeys - That is lucky! SAHB, you're nuts! You can have mine!!