Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I've never been so proud of a fake tan

The last three days have been full of hard work.

Once a year, the hubs and I plan something at our house that forces us to actually do the things we've been saying we should the rest of the year.

This year, the major project was to get our 10+ year old deck stained. It has seen better days. MUCH better days, I think. It was in sorry condition when we bought the place and subjected it to two 80 pound dog nails, salt/ice/rain, the fact that it takes me at least 4 trips in and out of the door before I can actually leave to go anywhere.

As with any project, this one had to be done in pieces. During naps, after bedtime, but not when it was too hot (or the stain would dry before it was absorbed) or too dark.

With the assistance of an extra set of hands (my best friend came and stayed with us), we got the damn thing finished last night!!

Between my fingers, my toes. Like I was drunk fake-tan-lotioning.

I have stain where stain should never be, and although it is latex and allegedly water-based...it is still sticking around.

But I'll happily wear my stain because I worked hard - and finished a big project.



Stay at Home Babe said...

I'm so jealous. I need to declutter the house.. like spring cleaning, but in the fall. I have no motivation to do this though and it's just sucking my soul.

Modern Super Momma said...

We needed our house cleaned in a bad way. My BFF came down and stayed this weekend and SHE cleaned the house - like vacuumed the ceiling and cleaned behind the toilets! She's my hero! :)