Friday, September 10, 2010

Winter means schlepping my ass up big hills

We have a huge hill of a driveway.

Occasionally, things roll down that hill.

During the winter, when the snow gets compacted, the only way to ensure that I can leave my house is to park my car by the road and walk the length of a football field (downhill, carrying kid plus groceries plus laptop, etc) to the house - to carry them all back up in the morning.

Four winters ago BLEW. We had just purchased the house, and our driveway was a muddy, mushy mess. Even when the snow/ice melted, the mud kept us from getting up and down the hill reliably.

Three winters ago SUCKED. I was commuting and people were depending on me to show up, but I was in shape so the hill really wasn't too much of a challenge. I still hated it.

Two winters ago was HARD. I was still commuting, wrapping up a physically intense job, and dealing with early pregnancy narcolepsy. Getting home to deal with a super-slick driveway was not the "welcome home" I needed.

Last year was FUCKING STUPID. I was working from home, but still had to go to the store, doctor's appointments, etc. Not only was I hauling my "new mom" ass up the hill, but I was carrying baby in bucket seat. Sonofabitch.

I swore last year was the last with a 2 wheel drive car. All wheel or 4 wheel drive can master my nasty drive without an issue.

Problem is, we're rounding the bend on another year, and I'm still driving my beloved cloud. My 2003 Ford Focus. I LOVE my car. It has driven me to grad school, to my job interviews, to three different jobs (and stayed parked outside for another). It is so my personality...cute, yet sensible. Practical and comfy, but with enough zip to throw people off guard.

If I HAVE to get rid of my cloud, I want a Subaru Forester. Period. I'm not budging on that. Unfortunately, I'm broke and my 135K mile, 7 year old car isn't the greatest trade-in value.


[stretches hamstrings]

(I'm willing to turn my head while my readers launch a Forester Momma campaign from the comment section of this site.)


Stay at Home Babe said...

I hate shitty driveways. They make me really antsy. Like, I just won't go to that person's house until the season is more conducive kind of antsy. Sorry, lady!

Dwayne said...

I don't have to worry about my drive way, it doesn't snow that much here in NC. I like your blog here, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

SAHB - I feel that way, too. Unfortunately, I would be missed if I simply avoided my own driveway 3 months of the year!

Dwayne - thanks for the comment! I enjoy the moderate amount of snow that we get here, it doesn't pile up like it does in the Chicago area where I was raised!

Bethany said...

I have a Subaru Forester and love it. The first one I ever drove was my Grandma's, so I think of it as an older person car but I so don't care! I actually found mine on Craigslist over 3 years ago-- it wasn't even supposed to be listed. It's a 2000 and has over 185,000 on it I think. I would totally get another one but first I have to run this one to the ground!