Monday, November 15, 2010

Reflecting pool

Here I sit in my recliner.

The house is silent but for Babygirl's white noise classical music cd that plays continuously through the night. The same one that I have threatened to throw out the window four dozen times - especially on nights where I mispress the button and repeat the first song instead of the entire cd. I swear it makes my eyes turn to spirals as it plays through the baby monitor.

The rest of the house is silent.

Breathing after a long day.

A long day at work.

A long day sitting in my office chair wishing the memory foam so brilliantly touted on the tag would have forgotten just a smidge and given a little more cushion.  A long day of twitching - endless, precise, calculated procedures.  Nervously drinking through 20 ounces of Diet Mountain Dew in the first hour, incessant vibrating of my left leg through the next few hours, then nervously snacking through the afternoon. Twitch, twitch, twitch.  Still no bald patches on my head, so it counts as a win.

No TV tonight. I wanted peace - no blue light. Babygirl and I played hard this afternoon. One on one. Plus two large dogs. She managed to simultaneously kiss/sneeze/bite my lip. It bled and swelled. Ms. Jolie has nothing on my pucker now. In general was good and happy. That is until she decided she was going to try a temper tantrum on for size. Still a little too big for her 13 month old britches, but she held her own. It revolved around a raisin box. I did something wrong, repeatedly. Still not sure what. How do you not laugh at that? How do you disarm the temper? Mental note: ask Hubs how he does it with me...she's all me.

After she went down, I spent the better part of an hour punching and kicking at an imaginary man.  He stood about 5' 10". He was evil. I whooped the shit out of him. He laughed at how my breathing resembled that of an entire Lamaze class. I kicked him in the face. One helluva workout.

Showered and ready for bed, I wait for my cold medicine-induced fog to roll in. I just need to quit this whimpy, useless coughing. Will I sleep tonight or will I pretend to be a tumbleweed and entangle myself in sheets and blankets again? Will I dream of purple people? Will I be late for my math final and get lost on campus? Will I be chased by an attacker? It's a crap shoot, these meds do crazy things to me.

Good thing I practiced my kicks.

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