Wednesday, November 24, 2010

$50 Gift Certificate Giveaway!!

I was contacted by to review their personalized card service. They offer cards for baby showers, birth announcements, wedding events, graduations, holidays, thank yous and MORE!

They were generous to offer me a $50 gift card to use for my review.  My beloved cousin was due to have her first child, so I decided to use that occasion to send photo cards.

The card selection is great! Many options, colors, and layouts.  My favorite is that you can zoom, shift, and recolor the pictures on the website! I've played with having to crop my pictures and RE-upload on other sites to get the pictures to meet my ever-so-anal-retentive standards.  Also, not only can you change the text but the FONT and add a picture on the back of the card! I was VERY excited!

Beyond the design options, Hallmark goes a step further than other card sites I've used...they stamp, address and SEND the cards!  My cousin provided me her list of recipients and I was able to have the cards sent directly to the individuals!  I ordered the cards late on Tuesday night and had a card (as one of her addressees) in my mailbox by Friday!  They have the option of delaying delivery - if you're one of those that works ahead - or having all cards shipped to you for addressing and stamping yourself.  A great bonus!!

When I received my card, I was overjoyed! The design textures were BETTER than those shown on the website! I'm so glad they turned out so beautifully to announce the birth of my cousin's precious baby boy!!
Babygirl checking out her "super" cousin!
The process was not without its glitches.  I have a pop-up blocker on my computer that kept me from proceeding after I had designed my card.  I had to reload the site after giving an exception in my pop-up blocker (Tools - Options - Pop-up Blocker Exceptions).  Also the address list my cousin sent had a "Name" field instead of the required "First Name" and "Last Name" fields which made uploading to the website a bit hairy.  Neither of these issues were a deal-breaker - and now that you know ahead of time, they won't be an issue if you choose to go there.

Speaking of going to their website...I have a $50 gift card to giveaway to enter TODAY ONLY!! You have until midnight eastern time to do one or all of the following:
  • Comment on this post to say what you would use this gift card for - Christmas cards, shower invites, birth announcements...the possibilities are endless!
  • Follow Modern Super Momma on Facebook and post back here (or comment that you already follow)
  • Follow Modern Super Momma (@ModernSuperMom) on Twitter and post back here (or comment that you already follow)
  • Share today's post on the Facebook fanpage with your friends
  • Tweet the following to your tweeps: Enter to win $50 gift card to make your own fantastic photo cards at TODAY ONLY! #Hallmarkcardgiveaway
That's FIVE ways to enter! Share the love, get out the message!

But wait - that's not all!!

Whether you win the giveaway or not, you can use the code BABY20 to get 20% off your personalized greetings order - no matter if you buy baby announcements, Christmas cards or even customizable plates!! YAY!!

Check back tomorrow to see if you won!!


Stay At Home Babe said...

I would LOVE to use it to send Christmas cards to friends & family back in the states since postage from here takes ages and costs a fortune, I usually don't bother.

StayAtHomeBabe said...

I follow on facebook!

SAHB said...

I follow on twitter.

SAHB said...

Just shared on facebook.

SAHB said...

and I tweeted! Because who doesn't want five ways to win?!

Deanna said...

I would use it for baby announcements for our first in March. It would at least motive me to actually do them rather than put it off :)

Deanna said...


Crazy Chicken Mama said...

oooh christmas cards!!!! That's what I would use it for. I have some new pics that would be perfect.

meeyeehere said...

I would get cards for Christmas!! I got my fingers crossed.

meeyeehere said...

follow on facebook as rachel carter crisman

meeyeehere said...

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meeyeehere said...

I shared on facebook as rachel carter crisman

Miranda said...

Christmas cards!!! Totally!