Monday, November 8, 2010

Kendra and I are like *this*

We're buds.

We've experienced the same things...minus the playboy bunny status, marrying a pro football player, and overall celebrity - we're practically the same person.

She struggled with losing baby weight and I struggled with losing baby weight.

I didn't watch too much of her show prior to the baby, but now I'm hooked.

On the season premiere last night, Kendra's confidence was blown by Mancow.

I have had an acute and persistent dislike of this radio personality douche since my high school days within his Chicagoland listening area.

Sidebar: One of my friends served him a hamberger once, and I'm confident that it wasn't lacking a special sauce. Hey, if you're on the air blowing shit daily, you've already resigned yourself to eating loogie burgers.  But I digress.

Mancow told Kendra that she's a mom and doesn't have to be sexy anymore.

Unfortunately, I can relate to that, too.

Not in the do I pose for playboy or don't I kind of way, but still.  I've been told that I "look good for a mom" and that I should give away all my high heel shoes because I'm a mom and need to be more sensible.


No, I'm not walking around in shirts that show my midrif or in pants that play peekaboo with my asscrack.  That is a function of age and weight gain - distinctly (in my case) unrelated to pregnancy and/or motherhood.

My concern isn't that construction workers won't cat call at me on the street (yes, I watch King of Queens reruns daily), but it's a matter of feeling good about myself.

I spend 99% of my time and energy making sure that my child is healthy, safe, and happy; that my job is done to the best of my ability so that they will continue to pay me; that my relationship with my husband is up to snuff; that the house doesn't become infested with rodents; that I have a pair of clean underwear in the drawer (or laundry basket...or dryer).  Everyone and everything comes before "Me" on the list.  There are days that I don't shower because I don't make the list.  And I'm fine with that.

I'm hardwired for that.

But just because I'm a mom doesn't mean that I shouldn't carry a positive self image. On the contrary, I owe it to myself to be proud of me FOR ME and eternal frumpiness does not fall into that equation.

Suck it people who believe that having popped a kid from my loins means that I'm relegated to sweatpants and ice cream stained shirts!  That's just for weekends, folks!

I will do myself right by losing the baby fat and dressing to the nines (when I feel like it).

As Kendra said - I'm proud of what my baby gave me - I just need to refine my baby's gift a bit more.

Thanks, buddy, for the kick in the ass to make my goal!


Ella said...

You go girlfriend!

Can't wait to hear more about this journey..

I wish I had an inspiration like that to get me motivated to get moving and get into shape.

But I'm just plain old lazy.

Lara said...

I'm with you - I reserve the right to wear un-stained shirts and have boxed up the mom-jeans that I bought in a moment of weakness when my baby was a couple months old.

Jamie said...

I felt the same way when I watched!