Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Flaming cheese

I grew up in an area that is such a crazy melting pot of cultures...in Indiana. Yes, Indiana.

I cherish the diversity I was exposed to at a young age.  Hell, by the time I was in third grade I could cuss like a sailor in four languages! That's worth something, right!?!?

One thing that I love (and should be no surprise to any of you) is the food that comes with rich cultural diversity. Since I moved from home and then away from my college town, I've lived in predominantly white towns with predominantly white food.  By white, I mean..."wanna go eat at KFC or Applebees" kind of white.

Freedom fries white.

Amer-ca white. *spit*

So, when I get a chance to eat something with any resemblance of any ethnic richness, I jump at the chance.

A group of ladies took me out for an early birthday celebration last weekend to a local restaurant. This place is about as culturally advanced as our town can muster.

What did we have as an appetizer?

What made me do the *happy food dance*?

What made me flash back to the Greek restaurant in my hometown?

Saganaki! Flaming cheese!!

Kassari cheese doused in brandy set aflame then extinguished with fresh squeezed lemon juice.

What isn't there to love about that combination?

It took me back to my childhood - the smell, the warmth, the FLAVOR!

UGH! Heavenly!!

I've been to this restaurant several times with this on the menu, but they've been out. They even took it off the menu, but had it as a special this weekend.

The perfect birthday surprise!


kadield said...

Wow. That has,what, about 1,000 calories? But looks to be. So. Worth. It.

Cort (Modern Super Momma) said...

I'm sure it's more than that! We split it 5 ways so that gives it a group caloric discount! (although I ate more than my fair share!)

Ella said...

I just drooled all over my keyboard.. at work! YUMM.

Thanks for the reminder I forgot to eat breakfast this morning :(

So hungry, I may just eat the computer and pretend its flaming cheese.