Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I are food - most of the time.

My little one now consistently says MaMa. Clear as day - and not the rambling mamamamadadadadamamama... as before. It makes my heart palpitate each time. At this point in the game, she gets what she wants as a reward for calling to me.

Going on four days of her beckoning call, I'd become quiet comfortable with the idea that the MaMa's weren't a happy accident and that she was asking for me - Momma - the person.


Last night, she was standing beside her father who was eating dip a bowl with chips.

"MAMA...MAMA...MAMA" my precious angel exclaimed - looking him straight in the eye.

My heart sank. He laughed.

"MAMA...MAMA..." She reaches her tiny little fingers into the bowl for a nib.

"I think she means food when she says 'MaMa'!"

Shit. So close.

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