Monday, March 1, 2010

There's a storm front comin'

(alternatively named - "You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals")

This title won because I used to do interpretive rollerblading dance in my driveway (for the world to see) to Billy Joel's Storm Front album. The whole album - every time I strapped those suckers to my feet. Ah, life was so much simpler trying to memorize the "We didn't start the fire" lyrics.

I digress...

As I type this, my area is experiencing a low pressure system. We were supposed to get an assload of snow, but now it's not supposed to be too bad. Also, while I type this (one-handed), it is 3AM and my infant is WIDE awake in my lap. I've picked up on this pattern - baby awake in the middle of the night = snow on the deck in the morning. Coincidence? Maybe. I ask though, why should a young human baby react to a weather system with none other than pure instinct?

When a storm front approaches, what happens? The birds stop singing, the squirrels hunker down, the deer head for cover. Mostly, the reason for this is that with a storm system comes wind and noise which disables the critters' usual predator-avoiding senses. I've even noticed that we catch the bulk of our under-the-sink mouse population the night before a big storm. They're running for cover. My dogs are more clingy and restless, too. Why should my child - who has not yet been soothed by stories of hippos bowling in the clouds or excited by hopes of sledding and building snowmen during a snow day from school - not act out of instinct.

Of course, she's unable to run for cover, but the reaction of being alert when she's normally asleep has me intrigued. In addition to her being awake - it is a quiet alertness that she possesses. Watching and observing without a peep - from the peepiest baby I've met to date - might I add.

Is she on the lookout for predators?

(After nearly 2 hours of chair swiveling and leg bouncing, she's back out...)

Yes, I admit, this was quite the cerebral post. For this I shall not apologize. I will, however, note that middle of the night posts tend to be that way...

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