Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hello, Old Friend - I can't say that I've missed you...

The introduction of solid food to our baby has meant a few changes to this family:
1- Feed time can no longer happen anywhere, and is no longer something I can semi-multitask through. Cleanup's a bitch.
2- Birth control changed. I was on a pill-lite while I was full-time breastfeeding, but now I'm on full power birth control again. I prefer Nuva-Ring for the simple fact that I'm an asshole and can't remember to take anything at the same time every day.
3- My cycle is back. Whoopie!!

During my pregnancy, I was on a relatively even keel. Granted, that even keel was more emotional than the average within my normal roller coaster of emotion, but it was even. Once the baby came - all bets were off. I made no promises with moods, but even through colic I was able to pacify the demon bitch that lurks within my being with the cute baby-ness that had entered our lives.

I suppose that is over now. I've been set off by the dogs barking, comments on social sites, and of course the husband not being able to read my mind - that I had changed three times since we last spoke.

Red Flag: PMS. Damn.

I've never been really bad - like screaming and crying and throwing things bad. Well, at least consistently. I just get pissed off at stupid things and boil over at something utterly ridiculous. To top it off - while I'm spouting my frustration with the fact that humans should be able to consume food without making a single sound...I have the out-of-body experience that shows me Ebeneezer Scrooge style that I'm being an ass. I still can't stop. Ugh - I was enjoying not having to apologize for being an utter bitch.

That said...

We all have our days when it all piles up and the ones closest to us bear the brunt. That sucks - but that isn't unique to the females. Men do it, too -- and THAT, my friends, comes with no warning, and can't be marked on a calendar.


So there.

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