Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chicken Soup for Momma's Soul

Just an update: my bronchitis is back...again.

In order for this Momma to get the healing effects of chicken soup - she's got to make the stuff herself. Which means it takes two days to do it:
Day 1: Feel like shit and wait for someone, anyone to take care of you.
Day 2: Get off your ass and do it yourself, muttering the whole time.

The goal is to clear up this funk before heading up to see my grandparents' this weekend. To expedite the process, I took 2 Mucinex. You know the one with the snot people throwing shin-digs in people's chests. It makes your hacking worth while. It also has a speed-y reaction to my system. I'm all over the place today. Making chicken soup from scratch - like hello birdie with a few feathers lingering on your frozen body; making a dish for my husband to take to a carry-in tonight (it's bullshit, but I didn't feel like arguing); feeding, clothing, bouncing, cheering, changing, and overall un-fussing the baby... you know - the usual - except all at once and very quickly. The down-side? I don't have the concentration capacity to actually do the work that pays the bills.

Soon, oh so soon, I'll come down off this high, reopen the "cough-a-cabana", and get some work done...

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