Monday, March 22, 2010

It just takes a moment to put it all into perspective

I am busy as hell. With each passing day, more dishes accumulate in the sink - or dog fur on the floor - or dusk on the tv. Well, the dust gets taken care of now, but just with random socks - and no one ever gets the corners.

I feel as though I'm falling behind in all aspects - no longer above water, but just a couple inches below. Survival is just within my grasp, but the more I frantically reach, the deeper I slip.

This is my life. The life of a momma, a step-mom, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a granddaughter, a niece, a dog owner, a home owner, a friend, an employee, a facebook addict, a car driver, a tax payer, a blogger, and a woman. It is exhausting. I've become borderline narcoleptic - sleeping in the five or ten minute increments that I'm afforded.

Oh, but it is worth it - my friends. I can sit pissing time away day after day watching my little one as she grows. She is why I have fallen behind in life - but she is also why the rest of that no longer matters. Bills will get paid, and laundry will get done.

I will likely allot the next five minutes to watch her reach, and reach, and reach for a toy - and then squeal with her when she finally gets it.

Because she does get it. It's about the triumphs in life - her 5 1/2 months have shown her no failure, but just things for which she needs to continue reaching -- even if you land square on your face trying.

I'll continue to reach in all directions, but I'll be sure - come hell or high water - that her direction is the one from which I never stray.

Happy Monday, everyone.

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