Monday, February 14, 2011

Revenge of the tiny bathroom

We have two bathrooms in our house. One in the hallway that is the kids/guest bathroom, and one accessible only via the master bedroom.

The hall/guest bath has a shower/tub. It's small. It's functional.

The master bath has a huge garden tub plus shower stall. It's huge, and we love it!

The guest bathroom has an inferiority complex, and it lashes out at our guests.
The toilet (that I installed with my own two hands) works perfectly fine 99% of the time. Unfortunately, we went through a period where every time we had visitors, the potty would back up on one of them. One poor visitor had the toilet back up on her - and THEN the door knob fell off inside - locking her in while she plunged!!

It was embarrassing for them, for us - everyone.

The bathroom was out to get our guests!!

One day, my husband was helping me prep for another visit - yes, I have a fantastic wonderful husband who realizes that the REASON the toilets need to be cleaned is not because I miss so HE does them!

I have a GOD of a husband!

(And that's all I'll say in light of a holiday that I'm finding pisses more people off than it brings joy - I'm in the latter category)

He was using a paper towel to clean, and in passing I saw him throw the used paper towel in the toilet and FLUSH!


Of course, the whirlwind cleaning happens just before a guest comes - and then we don't use the bathroom after cleaning until the guest arrives.


So, I'm not making any promises that future guests won't have an issue in our bathroom.

It still has a small potty complex and all...

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