Monday, February 21, 2011

Driving Miss Baby

This weekend we went to stay with my mom.  She lives about two hours away - one hour highway, one hour interstate.

Two hours of driving is a good distance for me. I'm comfortable with interstate driving. I've got a newer safer car. The only variable (other than other drivers) is Babygirl.

I used to be able to time my long distance drives to avoid heavy traffic, sun in the eyes, optimal arrival I drive when I think she'll sleep the soundest.  Sometimes, it just doesn't work out that way.

Friday afternoon, I picked her up from daycare a smidge early and hit the pavement. She'd had an afternoon nap, but not a great one.  Maybe - just maybe - she'll sleep.


The first hour on the highway was loaded with snack requests, drink dropping, dancing and snapping her fingers (which looks like a little crab claw motion *mom swoon*). It was good, but got better when we hit the interstate and she passed out.


We made about two-thirds of the interstate leg when I saw a line of brake lights.

Grumbling under my breath, I slowed to 2 mph and looked in the rearview mirror to see the sun beating down on her face.  Never before had I hoped for an interstate parking lot - but then I hoped just for a second to be able to lower her window and stuff a blanket in the crack to block the full on sun. It was hot and miserable for the both of us.

She woke and fussed - cursing the sun we'd been begging to visit us all winter.

I called my husband and my mom to check online to see where the accident was because I knew I was about a mile away from an exit - do I take it or will traffic clear?  While talking to my mom, traffic picked up!  Just as Babygirl shifted into nuclear pissed-off status.  We passed a single car, which I learned later, had been on fire.

About 10 miles up the interstate, I could see flashing lights across the median.  Three cars, several emergency vehicles, yadda yadda.  Then brake light start tapping in my lane.  I pulled into the right lane - away from the looky loos just as we passed the accident.  I had just turned my blinker off from switching lanes (yes, I use my blinker. Every time. Dammit) when the full size pickup with a bed full of firewood that had been behind me rear-ended the SUV that had been in front of me.  Bumpers on the ground.

I got the HELL out of dodge - fighting every urge to scream/cry/pull over and squeeze my little Puddin' Pop until her eyes bugged out of her pretty little head.

We made it to my mom's without a scratch - or Babygirl going completely nuts. We had a fabulous visit with many wonderful people.  The return trip was utterly and completely uneventful.  Whew.

Next time I plan a trip, I'll be sure to take the full moon into consideration, too.

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