Thursday, February 10, 2011

New addition to our family - without the swollen ankles

 We have a new member of our family...
A 2009 Jeep Compass!
(Yes, that is my glove in the pic - I wasn't about to go back out in the cold to re-take when I noticed it)

She's comfy and cozy (with heated seats!) - most importantly she's got 4 wheel drive! 

Unfortunately, her arrival comes at the expense of the loss of a beloved family member.
The Cloud - '03 Ford Focus
150,000 miles we shared in 7 years. This car has taken our family to Colorado, the Smoky Mountains, to Red River Gorge, and West Virginia.  Without a whisper of complaint (on her part - not mine) she commuted with me (at one point 2 hours one way). She took me to my graduation for my master's degree, moved us to 3 different rentals and our first house, drove me to several pivotal job interviews, took me to my wedding, and carried us safely home with our precious new baby daughter.  She's done moderate off-roading, busted through snow drifts, climbed our treacherous driveway a zillion times.  She's hauled lumber and trash cans.  She's been where no Focus was designed to go - and only has ever asked for minor tune-ups and tire/oil changes. 

I'd keep her forever if our driveway wasn't such a bear to deal with - or if the little gal had 4wd!

I love my new car, and expect to have some wonderful memories with it.  Her arrival is bittersweet - I'm going to miss my baby.


Ella said...

It is amazing when you realize just how much you cared about a car once they are gone.

Enjoy your sweet new ride!

Deanna said...

awesome! Let me know how you like it, we have to get a new one at some point, I have a 2 door :(