Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Toss me on a hog, and I'll be your girl

Many of my entries are about babies and boobies and cleaning (rather, the lack thereof) and the occasional vampire/werewolf know momma stuff.

This ain't that.

This is about leather and patches and bikes and pot smoking and gun trafficking. Sons of Anarchy is returning for it's 3rd season on September 7! Yes, it's full of badasses and drama and HOGS!

Oh to own a motorcycle...(blank day dreamy gaze).

We live in great bike riding country. Long open highways with sparse traffic. Curves and hills.

Can we get one? NOOOO - we had to go and pay for three college degrees between my husband and me. Oh, and I put our wedding reception on a credit card. (Predatory credit card scams on college students will be a different post...) Needless to say, a motorcycle isn't in our future -yet.

Pay down the mortgage, get the student loans under control, and credit cards paid off and I'll be picking bugs out of my teeth. And humming down the highway behind my husband (take that in whatever way you like).

Granted, I won't be part of a biker gang so the anal-retentive, mother hen part of me spiral out of control - oh and trafficking AKs is probably not a great idea either.

Anyway, come early September I'll be watching the biker gang back at it. It's somewhat hard to follow if you don't know the backstory - but the first two seasons are available on dvd.

This was not a paid endorsement...however, if any at FX would like to chip in a payment to Sallie Mae they are more than welcome.

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