Thursday, July 29, 2010

One Hour

You want to know what gets this overworked and underpaid momma hot and bothered (other than Harleys and shirtless men with tool belts)? An unexpected, unplanned, unhinted at, unwhined about HOUR (that's 60 whole minutes!!) of baby-free time in the evening! Yes, ladies - my man knows how to get a girl going!!

Screw flowers, jewelry, or cash - this momma wants a little time to herself!!

What's more is that his offer to take the baby for a trip to the store came after he just walked in the door from working outside all day and then driving four hours home!! What a prince!

So...what to do...hmmmm... I could do dishes using both hands without a baby on my hip. I could vacuum ad nauseum without worrying about cutting a nap short. I COULD win the lottery or pay off my credit cards, but let's be real!!

I am sitting in a bubble bath with a mud mask on.

No, not with my laptop! I may have had a rough couple of weeks, but I don't have a death wish!!

(Plus, there is a video camera on that thing! The government and ghosts can turn it on without my knowledge, and use footage of my tired, saggy breasts against me when I make it big.)

Just a pen, some paper (vintage, low tech!), bubbles, green face, and a smile. One must exfoliate before rewarding her hubs for the perfect gift!!

It's all about positive reinforcement!!

PS - He just came home with a king size pack of Reese's peanut butter cups!! What have I done to deserve this!?!?