Saturday, July 3, 2010

I'm in the fondue pot of life

Sometimes the best of us fall down. Hard. So many women are dealing with the struggle to balance work, motherhood, money, love life, housework...and on and on. Just at the moment when you think you've got it under control Mr. Murphy rears his ugly head and knocks you down.

Not always in large ways - lost job, struggling marriage - but in a pile of teeny tiny ways. Overdraft fee here, missed work deadline there, sick baby and sleepless night over here. It's like little pebbles getting dropped in to a pond - one at a time. You can slough off the stress of each pebble as they come - until you look down and see the mound of tiny pebbles that is emerging from the once clear water.

Of course, the mountain is hard to clear away when the simple thought of it makes you want to climb under the covers and hide.

Let's just say that the sun tan lotion isn't the only thing that has been melting down in this house.

My hope for you this holiday weekend is that you each find a way get a moment to do some chipping away at the pile of pebbles before they break the surface of the water. Clear out the bill box, tidy the house before it's trashed, plan a simple playtime with the kids, have a sweet moment with your love during the fireworks this weekend. Commit to one thing - and get it done. Then move on to the next.

Even Super Momma's get blindsided by responsibility. Take a breath - ASK FOR HELP - and get it under control! Do what it takes, ladies!

The world needs you to be OK before you can be a rockstar!!

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