Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Time credit...which I'll probably never be approved to receive.

I give my self a "D-" in the learning to say "no" category on this term's grade sheet. I've spent the last (count 'em) FOUR weekends away from my house. Not just doing outings, but literally staying somewhere not in my bed (>2 hour drive away) with my 7 month old daughter. On top of that, she's got a cold or allergies or something that is making her nose cloggy and runny at the same time AND she's teething. fanfuckingtastic.

I haven't slept for four continuous hours in months.

Ok, thanks for coming to my pity party - here is your party favor. Sorry it's a bag of stale cheerios and gooey diced banana hunks -- but that is currency in our house and I haven't been to the grocery store in weeks.

So in my extended driving times, late night "where the hell am I and what the hell was that noise" insomniac episodes, and non-stop nursing sessions, I've decided that time should be sold on credit. I need two extra hours of sleep, and I'll repay by zapping out two hours of driving time when I take to the road yet again this weekend. win win!

Of course, as with anything there is a problem. Credit involves the nebulous credit score. I'm sure it would be based on questions like: How well do you use the time you are allotted in a day? How much time did you spend last night sobbing over the Biggest Loser instead of sleeping when the baby was? How many trips to the kitchen/bathroom/living room does it really take for you to decide that you aren't really hungry but you'll eat the last two toaster strudel anyway? As with anything, I budget time very poorly. Case in point: this blog I'm writing while I should be working AND while the baby is napping. Ok, now that I typed that I feel bad.

I'm going to go work - or stand with the fridge door open until something yummy and sinful makes itself.

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