Thursday, May 20, 2010

The past year of my life - sprinkled with pink 25 cent stickers

This is a garage sale weekend. Time to purge our house of all things cluttery. We've lived in our house for 2.5 years now (longer than we've lived anywhere else in our 8.5 year relationship), so it's time to pseudo-move and keep the two hoarders in us from burying us alive.

Unfortunately, I don't have time to dig into the backs of closets, so I'm just ridding myself of everything that has accumulated in the last year or so.

Pregnancy and new babiness has literally doubled the shitpile factor in our home. Afterall, the kid did move into the spare bedroom that doubled as the "oh shit [fill in the blank] is going to be here in 15 minutes" catchall room.

Granted, all things accumulated in the last year have been necessary in their own time. Maternity gear (most of it having been passed down) that - if given to GoodWill would cost someone upwards of $5 a pop, can go for $1 or less on a table to someone who needs it. I'm not a fan of GoodWill for that reason. Yes, in the past I have contributed a lot of stuff to them - simply because I'm too lazy to find other outlets. I just struggle with knowing that my stuff - most of it loved, but still wearable (by someone 2 or 3 sizes smaller than me) - will be sold at a ridiculously high price for used fabric! I'm charitable like that...keep from the poor, sell to the poorer, and keep the change...

GoodWill does have a pile with its name on it in my house right now though. The anonymity of ridding oneself of amazingly outdated styles or late night "ooh, I want a nightgown" internet order faux pas is appealing at times.

So, this weekend, I'll be splaying 100s of newborn and 0-3 month clothes (which my baby fit into for a mere 6 weeks) on big tables with hopes that someone will bite.

Part of me is hoping for a strong return on investment. $200 could go a long way in my pre-vacay splurges on new socks for the fam and mini 3 oz bottles of all things toiletries because I'm afraid of depending on my checked baggage's late arrival to the party. In reality - I'm just hoping to cover my costs - $30 in gas plus the inevitable fast food plus the time it takes to pack, unpack, display, cover from rain., uncover from rain, repack, and drop the remaining shit on GoodWill's front step.

Either way, the baby will have part of her room back so that overzealous grandparents can fill it with stuff to sell next summer.

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