Thursday, May 6, 2010

My twenties: a decade in review

In the next six months, I'll be closing the door on my twenties. I've thought about this a lot. Not an "oh woe is me" thought but more nostalgia, topped with a sigh of relief.

My twenties were spiked with peaks of joy and pitted with troughs of sadness. Weddings and funerals, finals and graduations, the shifting tide of family and friends.

My twenties (as a whole) are a juxtaposition within themselves.

Racing through college to get the hell out...then sticking around for graduate school.
Going to college for six solid years focusing on an outdoor-based profession...later, to become a computer geek who hardly leaves the house.
Pissing on a stick and praying for one line...later, pissing on a stick and praying for two.
Deciding that I didn't want to be a parent...later, dedicating two years to trying to become one.
Choosing to "earn my wrinkles" in the later slapping on the wrinkle cream with the most convincing commercials.

I've disproven almost every "I'm never gonna..." statement I have ever made.

In the past decade, I've fallen in love and been engaged (twice over), earned a bachelor and master of science degree, bought a new car, gotten married, held three professional positions, bought a house, and had a baby (and thus fallen in love all over again).

The 10,000 foot view. My life has been sprinkled with experiences - memories made and lessons learned.

I've learned hundreds of latin names for plants that I can't always remember how to identify, I've learned to drive stick, I've held the controls of an airplane in flight, I've ridden horses, I've been kicked by and developed a strong fear of horses, I've driven tractors, front-end loaders, and skidsters, I've herded bulls on a 4-wheeler, I've cared for a wolf and tigers, I've shot an killed a rabbit - and not the dog following behind, I've butchered countless deer on my kitchen table, I've plucked chickens, I own my own bow and arrows (and am not a terrible shot), I have learned to mushroom hunt, I know more constellations than I'd ever dreamed, I've (mostly) overcome my fear of public speaking by doing it repeatedly, I've taught myself Photoshop, HTML and database management, two people are tattooed with my art, I have made over a dozen quilts, I stood beside my cousin and best friend as she married - and then she stood beside me a few months later as I married, I've held my newborn nephews, I met and married a man who is my perfect counterpart, I've kept in touch with those who forgive me for who I was in high school, I've met the most amazing people along my journey - some of whom I consider my dearest, closest friends.

My twenties were fantastic in some aspects and heartbreaking in others. I've survived, and could probably write three books that no one would believe were true. My twenties were tumultuous and full of moves (I moved eight times in 10 years), new jobs, and new experiences. I love that about my past, but I'm happy to settle into my thirties in MY house, with MY car, doing MY job, and raising MY daughter with MY husband.

Life is good, and you couldn't pay me to go back and do any part of it differently...

Ok, the impulse baby puff the magic dragon-ish tattoo on my ankle that never quite covered when I had a new tattoo put over it...I'd go back and NOT spend that $40...

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