Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Florida - on business

So you've heard about the drama flying down to Florida and the drama heading back home...

That was most of the story.  I had to go to Florida for business - and took hubs and the kids along with me.  Why? Because we had a free room and, hell, it's Florida in December!!

We had sunny, warm (by Indiana standards) weather.  Daddy and Babygirl walked on the beach while Momma sat in meetings.  They collected shells during my annual review. 

That's ok, I got to go surf-fishing on the clock!

Check out those blue skies!!

Babygirl didn't feel like fishing - dancing in the sand better suited her.
Having always pond fished - you know, Mickey Mouse rod with red/white bobber, hook and worm - surf-fishing was a little different.  The rod was much longer, and you had to cast out past the waves breaking in order to have your bait not wash immediately back to shore.  I discovered that rolling up my jeans and heading into the water helped.  Also using a distinct, high-pitched "Squeeeee" as I cast gave it the oompf that I needed to shoot that bastard way out there!

I caught me TWO fishes! A whiting (pictured) and a bluefish!!
After the meeting was over, we stayed the weekend in a generous co-worker's beach house. We ate way too much buttery seafood and drank beer, whiskey and vodka.  Yum.

Blew my diet out of the water, but I've been good this week (week 2 of 8 if you're counting).  But it was worth it.  Last year, I went down by myself leaving a 2 month-old colicky baby with hubs.  No daycare, no help.  I was pumping and crying and miserable.

This trip was MUCH better!


Stay At Home Babe said...

That sounds awesome. I blew my diet for a day this weekend too. My mother-in-law sent a box of truffles for christmas and I ate. them. all. Frick.

Ella said...

Babygirl is beautiful! It sounds like you had a great weekend! The food/drinks sound like an absolutely fantastic way to blow your diet!