Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dropping leaves

Autumn is my favorite season.

The smells, the sounds, the hoodies, the boots, the scarves.

The special days: My daughter joined us on the 8th, and my husband and I held hands in a sunny, wind-swept prairie on the 14th. Halloween and all it's glory.
Apples. Pumpkins.

(Science alert) The leaves drop from deciduous trees to conserve energy - but also to rid themselves of leaves damaged from parasites, wind, rain. Outside forces keeping the leaves from doing their food-production to their utmost ability.

They shed the damage. Pool their resources. Reveal buds for regrowth.

This has been a rough year. Very rough.

Rough enough that I couldn't bear to sit and write about it - day in and day out. Nor could I expect you to sit and read it.

The trees around our home are beginning to show their fall color. Severing the life blood from the damaged appendages. I, too, am doing the same.

I have been recovering from an emotional "woe is me" time. I'm glad to say that I'm shining on the other side. My baby is about to turn 2. T-W-O!! I just opened my online store to sell blankets similar to the ones my great grandmother made - and I still use to this day. I'm recovering from foot surgery, but I'm going to do my absolute best to pull myself back together physically. 

Life is good folks.